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USB Classic

USB Classic

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  • 1. Fill up a Memory Box

    The crush-proof Memory Box arrives on your doorstep the day after you make an order. 

    You fill it with your old tapes, cine, photos and any other old media you may have (see below). 

    When you feel ready, we collect it via the nation's safest courier for free.

  • 2. We digitise

    Our lab's specialist restoration team safely clean & repair every reel that needs attention for free.

    We safely digitise your memories to the best possible quality. Choose to enjoy them on USB, DVD, or the cloud.

    The same high-security courier returns your Memory Box with your safely preserved digital memories, as well as your old tapes.

  • 3. Enjoy your memories

    Now you can easily share and relive precious memories on any digital device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.

    Laugh and cry when you get to see and hear old times and old faces brought to life again.

    Feel secure knowing that your memories are safe forever.

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Questions and Answers

How does it work?

First, order your Memory Box. It will usually arrive the next business day and then fill it with the old media you want to digitize. There is a Welcome Guide inside that walks you through how to do this, but don’t worry, it’s not complicated and the instructions are clear.

The next thing is to send us your Memory Box. You can leave it at the post office or our secure delivery person can pick it up. We have never had a single item go missing or get damaged.

Once they arrive at the lab, our expert technicians safely clean, repair and digitize your items using the best equipment in the industry. Our logistics team then takes care of the safe return of your Memory Box.

Once your memory box is back, it’s time to enjoy your precious memories again! Get the family together for a movie night and laugh and cry as you go down memory lane together. Gift USBs to your friends and family. The choice is yours now that your memories are safely preserved.

What can I send in my memory box?

Take a quick look at the Media List section above.

If you can’t see your media type listed, or if you’re not sure what it is – don’t worry; it’s incredibly rare that we receive something that we can’t convert to digital.

If you have something particularly obscure to send us, feel free to contact us or simply send it to your memo box. We love a challenge and there’s no charge if we can’t convert it.

I'm not sure what's on my media. Should I still put them in my Memory Box?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: We know that many old media can't be played anymore due to age, damage, or lack of equipment. Therefore, you might not know if your item is blank or not. If it turns out to be a blank, we will refund your costs. That where there is no risk to you, so you can include all your media in your Memory Box.

How are digitised memories stored?

You have 4 great options to store your memories:

1. USB Classic – the most popular. Each standard USB stick contains your entire collection of digital memories.

2. USB Premium – digital memories are the perfect, wonderful gift. This beautiful USB is the perfect way to give them as a gift.

3. Cloud Album – the Cloud makes it incredibly easy to share and enjoy digital memories.

4. DVDs – A safe choice for those with a DVD player. You only need one DVD set to cover your entire order.

I have too many items for one box size but not enough for the next size up. What should I do?

Order the smaller size and when your Memory Box arrives, simply include all of your items. Once the box arrives back at our lab, we will tally up all your items and send you an easy-to-pay online invoice for any additional items.

So for example, if you had 10 items, you would order the Mega box. After you send it back to us, you would receive an invoice for 4 additional items.

What's the quality like?

Really, really good. Amazing, in fact.

We first pass your media through our cleaning & restoration department where we clean, repair and remove any build-up of dust & debris on a case by case basis. This cleaning process lessens any aged-based degradation of your media and is often responsible for the majority of the quality improvement. Once cleaned and return to its former glory, we use industry-grade scanning and recording equipment to obtain the best possible digital rendition of your old memories.

All of our equipment is serviced bi-weekly and exclusively operated by trained experts. Finally, using software we developed in-house, we apply algorithms and processes to the digital files which brings them as close as possible to our high, modern standards.

My media is in bad shape, can you fix it?

If we receive media in poor condition, we will clean and repair it at no additional cost.

So don’t worry about putting items you’re not sure about in your keepsake box. Especially since in rare cases we are unable to repair your digitizing item, you will receive a full refund for that item.

Our technicians can usually repair any damaged or bad media using lab cleaning and repair equipment, but some problems – such as demagnetization – are beyond repair. Such problems will only worsen over time. That’s all the more reason to digitize your media now to prevent quality degradation and further loss of precious memories.

Can I name and date digital memories?

You certainly can! We send a complete cataloguing system in your Memory Box that lets you tell us what to call all your new digital files and folders. If you don’t know what’s on your media, you can simply leave it blank and add your own names once you get your Memory Box back.

How do I return my Memory Box to you?

You can take it the post office or have it picked up by our secure courier from your house. Both are included with your Memory Box, you don't need to pay any extra.

If you’re taking your filled Memory Box to a post office, please put it back in its protective postage box and put the sticky return label on the outside.

If you’re having it collected, no need for the return label, just put the Memory Box back in the outer postage box and go to page 4 of your Welcome Guide for details on how to arrange doorstep collection.

How many USBs, DVDs, or Cloud albums do I need?

Each USB, DVD set or Cloud contains everything you send us. You only need to buy one of any given kind. It's up to you if wish to buy multiple kinds of digital storage, some extras as backups, or to give as gifts.

What resolution do you scan pictures at?

Any film photography – 35mm, medium format, negatives etc. are scanned at 3200 dots per inch (DPI). Any printed pictures are scanned at 1200 DPI. We first dust & clean each picture on a case by case basis to remove any debris that has built up over the years.

What comes back in my Memory Box?

We return your original old media (unless you ask us to recycle it for you), the new digital formats you have chosen, and your lab report.

Now you can easily share and relive your precious memories on any of your digital devices such as smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

When everything comes back, it’s time to gather the family for an emotional, hilarious and sometimes tearful trip down memory lane!

Can I send a roll of film or audio of any size?

We can digitize audio and motion picture reels of any diameter. All audio or film reels 5 inches or larger will be billed as two items. We will send you an invoice for this upon completion of your order.

Do you convert sound from cine film?

Yes! If your cine film has sound, please get in call or email us before you buy your Memory Box to discuss the additional cost of processing sound.

How long does it take to digitise my old media?

The average turnaround time cross all our years of operation is 3-4 weeks, but this can vary. The amount of time to complete the order varies based on how much you send us and what condition the old media is in; we always make sure the digitisation quality is as good as can be! At any time, you can track the progress of your order and view which department it’s in using our status tracking portal.

For an up-to-date estimate on turnaround time, call or email us at the lab. If you need your items and memories back by a certain date, let us know. We will try our best to get them back to you by that date. If you want to guarantee they return to you by that date, ‘rush processing’ is an option at checkout that instantly moves your order to the front of our facility’s queue.

What format do digital memories come back in?

We convert your old memories to high quality MP4 video files.

Pictures come back as JPEG but we can offer other kinds of image format.

These digital videos are the most widely compatible both for watching and editing. You can just drag and drop your new digital videos into any video editing program to make your own edits.

I'm a bit nervous about mailing my old media - how do I know it will be safe?

We have never had a single item go missing or get damaged.

We know how precious your memories are, so we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure 100% safety from start to finish. Let’s start with the memory box itself.

Memory Box is a specially designed crush-resistant box. This ensures that your items are safe while on the move.

We pick up your Memory Box via the safest courier in Great Britain. They are the same courier service that delivers and collects sealed A-levels from AQA and Edexcel headquarters. Suffice to say, they never lose or damage a package.

When your Memory Box arrives at our lab, each item inside is individually scanned and tracked. Our experienced, expert technicians handle your items with the utmost care. And our expert restoration team gives your items the delicate attention they deserve.

We have invested and continue to invest significant time and money in the security of your memories.

That’s why you can feel at ease when you keep your memories with us.